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"Let's Talk Dog Business"

Plug in those headphones, pour a drink, cook up a storm, get in the car- do whatever it takes to get this podcast in your ears!

We're serving up the full spectrum of running a dog business- highs, lows and the unfiltered reality. But hold up...it's no Debbie downer! Expect laughter, incredible guests, glimpses into real businesses, myth-busting, and a pulse on what the public really craves from dog professionals. We're dishing out all of the energy, love and a passion to help you network, collaborate and fall head over heels for your business like never before!

Episode 1

This is the first episode of the Let's Talk Dog Business Podcast. Jo & Vicky introduce themselves and explain how this podcast will help you grow your dog business to six figures. 

Episode 2

This episode is all about developing the right mindset to create a successful dog business. The way you think directly impacts the way you live and work.

Episode 3

In this episode, Jo & Vicky talk about how putting yourself in your client's shoes and really understanding them benefits you and your business. In particular, when you are trying to attract new clients. 

Episode 4

In this episode, Jo and Vicky talk about nightmare clients. They explain how to identify which clients you can help and which you should not be working with, how to manage expectations and how to say no when you need to.

As well as sharing practical tips you can use to read people better and manage awkward situations tactfully.

Episode 5


In this episode, Jo and Vicky look at the sales versus booking processes debate and discuss how to attract the right type of client and sign them up. Jo and Vicky explain how to demonstrate that you are the solution to their problem or need.

They also cover, not appearing desperate or opinionated, using the right language, active listening, and the best way to take payment.

Episode 6


In this episode, Jo & Vicky delve into the scary world of burnout and overwhelm. Something they have both experienced. They explain the circumstances that led to this situation and how to avoid the same thing happening to you. As well as discussing strategies that anyone can use to regain control so that they can once again fall in love with their business.


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